EZ Twig: The Longest Lasting Line Holder

EZ Twig may be the last twig you purchase, it’s that durable.

“You’ll lose it – before you out use it!”

The “twig”, currently known as the snap-over twig, was invented approximately one hundred years ago. However, it has never been improved or redesigned until NOW!! AND it’s easier than ever to set your line.

Learn more by watching the EZ Twig – Instruction video on this page.

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EZ Twig Advantages:

  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Safer
  • Lasts Longer

Click the link to download the EZ Twig Instruction document.

EZ Twig Pros

  • One-hand installation
  • Will NOT release from line when line is accidently released
  • Durable – Strong steel construction
  • Larger area for printing logo/contact info/advertising message

Snap-over-line twig Cons

  • Two-hand installation
  • Can act as dangerous projectile when line is accidently released
  • Flimsy-Easily damaged
  • Small surface area

The EZ Twig is a dual-ended line-holder that is a far superior way to attach and hold the mason’s line in place. Along with it’s exceptional qualities it also makes a great promotional tool. The area on the EZ Twig is a great place to put your company’s logo and information which will eventually be put in to the hands of brick layers who use your products every single day.

Because the EZ Twig is necessary when laying masonry units, your company’s information is constantly in front of the brick layer. Therefore the EZ Twig’s superior strength and how it securely holds the line in place once attached, along with a large area for advertising makes the EZ Twig an ideal tool to market your company.

Now Available – Engraved EZ Twig Name Plate

• Customized EZ Twig name plate • Engraved with name of choice
• FREE for orders over $2000 • Also available for purchase

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